Flange Wizard Small Magnetic Cenering Head #53025

Flange Wizard Small Magnetic Cenering Head #53025
Item# 53025

Product Description

    The new "Small Centering Head Tool" has a one piece "Y" shaped body like our standard model, only smaller.
  • Designed for the person who works with smaller diameter pipe.
  • Fire protection contractors, fence and gate builders, live stock pens and corrals are a few of the many uses for the "Small Centering Head tool".
  • It is machined from quality aluminum material, then anodized for lasting protection.
  • Use it to establish and mark a centerline at any angle around the circumference on a pipe or tank.
  • Use it as a protractor level on various alignment jobs in the automotive field.
  • It's a great addition to any tradesmans toolbox.