Pearson Lightnin' Bug Striker Torch Lighter 08-100

 Pearson Lightnin' Bug Striker Torch Lighter 08-100
Item# 08-100

Product Description

PEARSON 08-100 Lightnin' Bug Torch Lighter

Tested to 30,000 Strikes!! Lighnin' Bug's electric Multi-Spark discharge ignites all fuel gases quickly and easily! NEVER needs flints, Batteries or Charging.

Easy and Accurate Iginition insured by Multi-Spark discharge, more than 5 times PER squeeze!

Made of high quality materials, it withstands severe working conditions.

It's Nickle-Chrome Plated Body Resists Rust and Corrision.

Ignites All Industrial Fuel Gases: Oxy-Acetylene, Natural Gas, Propane, Methane, MAPP, Propylene Etc....

Not just for Welding...keep one in your camper & by your BBQ Grill or in the kitchen for the gas stove!

BULK Lots are available!