TEN (10) 4501 SHURLITE Three-Flint Spark Lighters

TEN (10) 4501 SHURLITE Three-Flint Spark Lighters
Item# ten-10-4501-shurlite-threeflint-spark-li

Product Description

Built to withstand the most harshest of conditions, it will easily light any Flammable gas. Constructed of heavy, high tensile strength steels, plated and then galvanized. They feature a round file and large hood for trapping flammable gases making for easy ignition. The round file can be rotated for a fresh striking surface. The traingle flint holder is easily rotated for fresh flint and can be replaced when needed. Replacement flint is available seperately.

MADE IN AMERICA by Proud American Workers!

Guaranteed to SPARK vigorously and reliably! Each unit is tested prior to shipping.